Here are the Workshop Proceedings as a pdf file.

Here is the Workshop Schedule as a pdf file.

Friday Nov, 9, 2012

(All Friday sessions are in MATH 3206.)
8:30 Check-in & light breakfast
1st Session
9:30Paul Accisano and Alper Üngör
On the Curve/Point Set Matching Problem
9:50S. Sankararaman, P. K. Agarwal, T. Mølhave and A. P. Boedihardjo
Identifying Common Portions Between Two Trajectories
10:10Jack Snoeyink and Vishal Verma
Transformations to Critical Arcgons: Progress on Tighter Bounds for Delaunay Stretch
10:30Jack Snoeyink and Clinton Freeman
A Geometric Workbench for Degree-Driven Algorithm Design
10:50 Break (20 min)
2nd Session
11:10John Iacono and Kostyantyn Mazur
Tactix on an S-shaped Board
11:30Sarah R. Allen and John Iacono
Packing Identical Simple Polygons is NP-hard
11:50Rainer Penninger and Ivo Vigan
Point Set Isolation Using Disks is NP-complete
12:10Andrew Winslow
Inapproximability of the Smallest Superpolyomino Problem
12:30Lunch break
3rd Session
2:00Bahman Kalantari
A Characterization Theorem and an Algorithm for a Convex Hull Problem
2:20Michael Biro, Justine Bonanno, Roozbeh Ebrahimi and Lynda Montgomery
Approximation Algorithms for Outlier Removal in Convex Hulls
2:40Rezaul Chowdhury, Pramod Ganapathi and Yuan Tang
The Range 1 Query (R1Q) Problem
3:00Christopher Vo and Jyh-Ming Lien
Group Following in Monotonic Tracking Regions
3:20 Break (20 min)
4th Session
3:40Asish Mukhopadhyay, Chris Drouillard and Godfried Toussaint
Guarding Simple Polygons with Semi-open Edge Guards
4:00Akitoshi Kawamura and Yusuke Kobayashi
Fence Patrolling by Mobile Agents with Distinct Speeds
4:20Michael Biro and Justin Iwerks
Watchman Paths in Disk Grids
4:40Jonathan Lenchner and Eli Packer
Visibility Problems Concerning One-Sided Segments
5:00 Short Break (10 min)
5:10 Open Problem Session
6:00 Adjourn

Saturday Nov. 10, 2012

(Saturday sessions in CSIC 1115.Different building, different starting time.)
8:00 Check-in & light breakfast
5th Session
9:00Hu Ding and Jinhui Xu
Chromatic Clustering in High Dimensional Space
9:20Jeff M. Phillips and Bei Wang
Kernel Distance for Geometric Inference
9:40Jiemin Zeng and Jie Gao
A Linear Time Euclidean Spanner on Imprecise Points
10:00 Break (20 min)
6th Session
10:20Ning Xu, Peter Braß and Ivo Vigan
An improved Algorithm in Shortest Path Planning for a Tethered Robot
10:40Kan Huang, Chien-Chun Ni, Rik Sarkar, Jie Gao and Joseph S. B. Mitchell
Bounded Stretch Homotopic Routing Using Hyperbolic Embedding of Sensor Networks
11:00J. Li and T. J. Peters
Isotopy Convergence Theorem
11:20 Short Break (10 min)
7th session: Invited Talk
11:30 William Goldman (University of Maryland)
The Experimental Geometry Lab at the University of Maryland
12:30Lunch break
8th Session
2:00Erin W. Chambers, Tao Ju and David Letscher
Medial Residue On a Piecewise Linear Surface
2:20Erin W. Chambers, Tao Ju, David Letscher and Lu Liu
Burning the Medial Axes of 3D Shapes
2:40Gary L. Miller and Donald R. Sheehy
A New Approach to Output-Sensitive Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations
3:00Xiaotian Yin, Wei Han, Xianfeng Gu, Shing-Tung Yau
Solving the Cutting Flow Problem for Prismatic Mesh Subdivision
3:20 Break (20 min)
9th Session
3:40Adrian Dumitrescu and Csaba D. Tóth
Packing Disks that Touch the Boundary of a Square
4:00O. Aichholzer, S. R. Allen, G. Aloupis, L. Barba, P. Bose, J.-L. De Carufel, J. Iacono, S. Langerman and D. L. Souvaine
Sum of Squared Edges for MST of a Point Set in a Unit Square
4:20Stefan Langerman, Mudassir Shabbir and William Steiger
Computing Small Hitting Sets for Convex Ranges
4:40Boris Aronov, John Iacono, Özgür Özkan and Mark Yagnatinsky
Finding the Thinnest V-shape with Few Outliers
5:00 Short Break (10 min)
5:10 Open Problem Follow-up and Closing Remarks
6:00 End of Workshop