Sarit Kraus

Visiting Professor
Ph.D., Hebrew University (Computer Science)
Special Awards/Honors: 
IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, ACM SIGART Agents Research award, EMET prize, ECCAI Fellow, ACM Fellow

Sarit Kraus is a visiting professor in UMIACS and a professor of computer science at Bar-Ilan University.

Her research is focused on artificial intelligence, particularly multi-agent systems in understanding how to best create intelligent agents that can interact proficiently with people.

Her application domains have included physical security, intelligent cars, human training, recommendation systems, automated negotiations and mediation, virtual humans and rehabilitation.

Kraus was awarded the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, the ACM SIGART Agents Research award, the EMET prize, and a co-recipient of the IFAAMAS influential paper award.

In 2015, she was named an ACM Fellow. She is also an AAAI and ECCAI fellow and a recipient of the advanced ERC grant.

Kraus received her doctorate in computer science from Hebrew University in 1989.