Red/Blue Nodes
The red and blue nodes are 28 x86 IBM and Dell pc's running RedHat 7.3. Access to the nodes is controlled using PBS and MAUI. redleader.umiacs.umd.edu is the frontend to the cluster and is open to the world. All jobs must be submitted from redleader.

Rogue Nodes
The rogue nodes are 50 standaline x86 linux boxes running RedHat 7.3 with between 2 and 4 80GB scratch disks. The rogue nodes are accessable from within UMIACS/CFAR/CS only. Exceptions can be made to allow access to specific off-site machines. There is no schedular and no resource limits in affect on the nodes. General practice is to send mail to cluster-users@umiacs.umd.edu if a reservation is needed.

Tau/Ceti is a Sunfire 6800 with 24 processors and 72G of RAM. The machine usually runs as tau.umiacs.umd.edu, but will occasionally be partitioned into two machines, the second being ceti. Tau is the more stable half of the pair, with Ceti being used for kernel and hardware hacking.

Playclub is an IBM P670 with 8 processors and 8G of RAM. The machine is running AIX-5L.
Boo Nodes
A combination of AMD Athlon and Intel Xeon nodes from Penguin Computing. They are dual processor machines with 2Gb of RAM. These machines are being used to evaulate different technologies in preparation for a larger cluster.
Deathstar is an 8-way IBM Netfinity with 4GB of RAM. There is no resource management present on the machine
Gold Nodes
The Gold nodes are 10 Dec Alphastaions 2100 4/275 running RedHat 7.2 with 256MB of RAM. This cluster used to be known as the alpha-farm, but has been brought back to life running linux after the lpdc DCE cell was disabled.

IBM SP Complex
Three IBM SP frames with 10Tb of tape storage and 864Gb of SSA disk.
Network Topology
Current networks in the LPDC are all LPDC based with everything from 10m on the gold nodes to gigabit over fiber on the red and blue nodes. All machines have a 10/100 management network connecting them (121 network). In addition, the rogue nodes have channel bonded ethernet linking them.










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