Tau/Ceti is a Sunfire 6800 with 24 processors and 72G of RAM. The machine usually runs as tau.umiacs.umd.edu, but will occasionally be partitioned into two machines, the second being ceti. Tau is the more stable half of the pair, with Ceti being used for kernel and hardware hacking.

Currently, the machine is combined into one domain (ceti) with all hardware components running Solaris 9.


Processors: 24 x UltraSparc III 750Mhz
Memory 72GB

4 x A1000



OS: Solaris 8 or 9 depending on project


Usage Policy and Reservations:

People have needs to do experiments on tau during which they require exclusive use of the entire machine. Please pay attention to requests on tau-forum for exclusive use.

Use of tau is discouraged for long running jobs. In general, you shouldn't run any job on tau that takes more several hours unless you need either the processors or memory uniquely available on tau. If you want to run a job on tau that is going to take more than some small number of hours, you should send email to tau-forum warning people in advance, and be prepared to justify your need for tau.

If you just need lots of cycles, there are other, better sources of cycles available. In particular, you should consider using Condor


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