The IBM-SP was initially aquired in January 1998. The IBM-SP is made up of an IBM SP2, an IBM SSA Array, and an IBM 3494 Tape robot unit. The initial configuration consisted of 1 Computing frame with 1 High node and 6 thin nodes, 2 SSA sleds each with 16 9 GB drives with a total capicity of 288 GB and 3 cabinets for the 3494 tape robot with 4 Tape drives.

In January 1999 the system was expanded.The new components were 3 silver nodes for the computing frame, 2 SSA sleds each with 16 18GB drives, and two more Tape drives for the 3494. As it stands the system has 10 nodes with a total of 16 processors, over 800 GB in SSA disk storage and over 8000 GB in Tape storage. The tape drives were later upgraded to increase storage to over 16Tb.


Past Data warhousing wasdone primarily though IBM's High Performance Storage System (HPSS). This allows for the awsome storage capacity of a large Tape robot, without all the hassles normally associated with such a warehouse.

The SP2 is currently undergoing reconditioning.



  High Node Silver Node(3) Thin Node(6)
Processors: 4 x PowerPC 604e 2 x PowerPC 604e Power2 SC (Super Chip)
Speed: 112Mhz 332Mhz 160Mhz
Memory: 1Gb 1Gb 512Mb
Interconnect: SP switch, Fast Ethernet SP switch, Fast Ethernet

SP switch,
Fast Ethernet


Tape Robot characteristics

Capacity: 19.2TB
Drives: 6
Drive: 3590 Tape Drive
Tapes: 840
Tape Capacity: 20GB

SSA Array characteristics

Capacity: 864GB
Sleds: 4
Drives per sled: 16
18 GB drives: 32
9 GB drives: 32


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