Red/Blue Nodes


The red and blue nodes are a combination of IBM Netfinity and Dell Poweredge hardware. The red nodes are older dual processor PII-400 while the blue nodes are dual processor PIII-550. Each node has a gigabit link and a 100mbit link to the other nodes. acts as a frontend for the cluster. Please note redleader is NOT a processing node and as such intensive jobs will be killed.

The Linux cluster was acquired in May 1999. The initial configuration consists of 16 Dell PowerEdge 1300s with two 400MHz Pentium II processors and 256MB of RAM in each node. Additional upgrades over the years have added the blue nodes and increased the memory in the reds.

Blue Cluster


Red Cluster

Reservations & scheduling:

PBS/MAUI is used to provide access control to the red and blue nodes. Please see the cluster manual for details on how to submit jobs. The default policy limits jobs to 48 node*hours and a maximum of 2 jobs/user running at a time.

In addition to standard scheduling, resersations are also supported in certain circumstances. Please e-mail for details on setting up a reservation.


  Node Aggregate
Processors: 2 x PIII-550Mhz (Blue)
2 x PII-400Mhz (Red)

12 Blue
16 Red

Memory 1GB 28GB

2 x 18GB


100mbit fast ethernet (redXX blueXX)
1000mbit gigabit ethernet (redXX-g blueXX-g)

OS: RedHat 7.3  

Disk Use:

The internal disks are mounted as /scratch1 - /scratch2. Please note that these disks are NOT backed up, and no attempt will be made to retrieve data from failed disks. These disks will also be cleared when they are filled, and when the nodes are reinstalled. Your home or group project directory should be used to store data that you care about, please do not do any massively I/O intensive work out of your home directory since it is a shared resource.


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