Gold Nodes


This system was acquired through grants from NSF, Digital Equipment Corp., and the Keck Foundation in January of 1995 and is owned jointly with the Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology. The Cluster contains ten Alpha 2100 4/275 nodes. Each node houses four 275 MHz Alpha processors, 256 Mbytes of memory, and about 10 Gbytes disk.

The cluster was origionally configured as part of the LPDC DCE cell. Today, it's being converted to RedHat 7.2.


  Node Aggregate
Processors: 4 x EV45 275Mhz (sable) 39 (gold05 is sick)
Cache: on chip 16K/16K
on board 4MB (per processor)
Memory 256MB 2.56GB



10mbit fast ethernet (rogueXX)

OS: RedHat 7.2  



There is no scheduler or reservation service on the gold nodes. Common practice is to send e-mail to stating that you need sole access to certain resources during a time frame.


Disk Use:

The internal disks are mounted as /scratch1 and /scratch2. Please note that these disks are NOT backed up, and no attempt will be made to retrieve data from failed disks. Your home or group project directory should be used to store data that you care about, please do not do any massively I/O intensive work out of your home directory since it is a shared resource.









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