Rogue Nodes


The rogue nodes are 50 IBM Netfinity workstations with 768M of memory and between 2 and 4 80GB disks. They are connected with 100mbit ethernet for management and a research 100mbit channel bonded ethernet connection. The rogue nodes are accessable only from within UMIACS/CFAR/CS. Off-site users will need to connect through redleader to gain access.


  Node Aggregate
Processors: 1 x PIII-650Mhz 50
Memory 768MB 38.4GB

01-40 2x80GB
41-50 4x80GB


100mbit fast ethernet (rogueXX)
200mbit channel bonded ethernet (rogueXX-b)

OS: RedHat 7.3  



There is no scheduler or reservation service on the rogue nodes. Common practice is to send e-mail to stating that you need sole access to certain resources during a time frame.


Disk Use:

The internal disks are mounted as /scratch1 - /scratch4. Please note that these disks are NOT backed up, and no attempt will be made to retrieve data from failed disks. The disks are quite prone to failure since they are the IBM deskstar disks that had a recall done on them. Your home or group project directory should be used to store data that you care about, please do not do any massively I/O intensive work out of your home directory since it is a shared resource.


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