Spherical microphone array based immersive audio scene rendering

TitleSpherical microphone array based immersive audio scene rendering
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsO’donovan AM, Zotkin DN, Duraiswami R
JournalProc. ICAD
Date Published2008///

In many applications such as entertainment, education, mil-itary training, remote telepresence, surveillance, etc. it is
necessary to capture an acoustic field and present it to listen-
ers with a goal of creating the same acoustic perception for
them as if they were actually present at the scene. Currently,
there is much interest in the use of spherical microphone ar-
rays for acoustic scene capture and reproduction. We de-
scribe a 32-microphone spherical array based system im-
plemented for spatial audio capture and reproduction. Our
array embeds hardware that is traditionally external, such as
preamplifiers, filters, digital-to-analog converters, and USB
adaptor, resulting in a portable lightweight solution and re-
quiring no hardware on the PC side whatsoever other than a
high-speed USB port. We provide capability analysis of the
array and describe software suite developed for the applica-