UMIACS supports more than 80 faculty and 200 graduate students that represent 15 departments and six colleges and schools at the University of Maryland. We also provide administrative and technical support for the dozen-plus federal scientists embedded full-time on campus working in our quantum centers and institutes, as well as support staff in the Immersive Media Design undergraduate program and the Singh Sandbox makerspace.

Shantelle Aidoo

Academic Advisor, Immersive Media Design

Matthew Baney

Assistant Director of Computational Systems

Melissa Brachfeld

Multimedia Communications Coordinator

Daniel Brown

Faculty Assistant, Immersive Media Design

Darren Cambridge

Managing Director, Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law & Society (TRAILS)

Noah Caple

Infrastructure Engineer

Gordon Crago

Lab Manager, Singh Sandbox

Stephen Eide

Systems Engineer

Cheryl Ekstrom

Purchasing Coordinator

Carolyn Flowers

Associate Director of Research Administration

Emily Hartz

Executive Director, Administration & Operations

Maria Herd

Assistant Director of Communications

J'Vaughn Holmes

Facilities Coordinator

Elizabeth Hontz

Coordinator, UMIACS

Jisha Jesudass

Network Engineer

Kuljeet Kaur

Director of Operations, Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation (RQS)

Vivian Lu

Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits

Ian McDermott

Immersive Media Technician, Immersive Media Design

Fernando Merchan

Business Manager

Emily Mercurio

Education and Outreach Coordinator, Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation (RQS)

Janice Perrone

Program Management Specialist

Dana Purcell

Coordinator, Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)

Eric Reasoner

Network Storage Engineer

Joe Ridge

Assistant Director, Technical Students Program

Olga Rozman

Procurement Coordinator

Alyssa Ryan

Assistant Director, Immersive Media Design

Andrea Svejda

Coordinator, QuICS

Yerty Valenzuela

Director of Research Program Administration

Tom Ventsias

Director of Communications

Jane Wang

Financial Coordinator

Derek Yarnell

Director of Computing Facilities

Petra Zapf

Director, Finance

Elena Zotkina

Research Web Developer