UMIACS Interface

UMIACS Interface is a monthly newsletter highlighting interdisciplinary research and innovation at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. Previous issues are accessible below. To receive the newsletter in your inbox every month, sign up here.


The May 2024 issue features UMD Invention of the Year awards, AI and violin TV coverage, and more.

The April 2024 issue features news of the expansion of UMIACS' data center, the five-year anniversary of the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering, and more.

The March 2024 issue features the development of a bilingual chatbot to help new moms answer questions about maternal and newborn care, the discovery of a new mathematical shortcut for calculations involving quantum systems, and more.

The February 2024 issue features research to advance trustworthy AI, reduce food waste and insecurity, and more.


The December 2023 issue features a competitive DOE award to advance AI using supercomputers, an inaugural Lifetime Impact Award from ACM's Special Interest Group on Spatial Information given to Hanan Samet, and more.

The November 2023 issue features the Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation, new faculty in machine learning, and more.

The October 2023 issue features artificial intelligence systems that are advancing education, bringing transparency to political donations, and more.

The September 2023 issue features two quantum cryptography conferences hosted by QuICS, two of our newest faculty members, and Bahar Asgari's Early Career Research Award from the Department of Energy.

The 2023 summer issue features research to develop and test AI-text detectors, the Rita Rossi Colwell Center dedication in Baltimore, and multiple research projects involving fairness in machine learning.

The March–April 2023 issue features a $1M NSF award to reimagine quantum cryptography in a post-quantum world, the launch of a new research center focused on values centered-AI, numerous faculty and grad student honors, and more.

The January–February 2023 issue features five new affiliate faculty member appointments, the 22 UMIACS recipients of UMD's Grand Challenges grants, NSF CAREER awards for two faculty members, and more.


The November–December 2022 issue features three research awards from Meta, three projects focused on improve technology for blind users, and more.

The September–October 2022 issue features new tools in artificial intelligence, robotics and more.

The July–August 2022 issue features our summer research interns, three director appointments, and numerous faculty honors.

The May–June 2022 issue features two new research centers, two new faculty, and four academic promotions.

The March–April 2022 issue features fairness and trust in artificial intelligence, a new toolkit to process RNA-sequencing data, and more.

The February 2022 issue features our newest QuICS Fellow Nicole Yunger Halpern, the late Nail Gumerov, and multiple machine learning research awards.


The November/December 2021 issue features cutting-edge research from our computational linguistics lab, a new artificial intelligence system that can adapt to circumvent censorship, and more.

The October 2021 issue features our faculty's numerous new leadership positions, using artificial intelligence for violin instruction and heart monitoring, and more.

The September 2021 issue features a new quantum leap challenge institute led by Andrew Childs, eight new faculty appointments, NSF awards to improve mental health and Wi-Fi infrastructure, and more.

The July 2021 issue features a first-of-its-kind study that quantifies cybersickness in virtual reality, a Best Demo award for a mini sound localization system, tiny drones designed to pollinate crops, and more.

The June 2021 issue features Plaisant's retirement, our new faculty member Erin Molloy, Zwicker is named chair of the Department of Computer Science, and more.

The May 2021 issue features research by our faculty to advance computational tools in microbiology, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, and more.

The April 2021 issue features a tribute to Jack Minker, who passed away earlier this month; a look at a hands-on research workshop; Rita Colwell on theTalk Nerdy podcast; and more.

The March 2021 issue features Amazon funding Philip Resnik to use machine learning for suicide risk assessment, Abhinav Bhatele's NSF CAREER award, and more.

The February 2021 issue features AI harnessing data science for social good, Michelle Mazurek is named co-director of MC2, QuICS' latest accomplishments, and more.


The December 2020 issue features virtual reality research to better predict severe weather and train factory workers, as well as five significant awards to UMIACS faculty members who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

The November 2020 issue features our newest QuICS fellows, Soheil Feizi's DARPA-funded project, Catherine Plaisant's IEEE Visualization Career Award, and more

The October 2020 issue features two major NSF awards, our Rising Stars in Machine learning, new undergraduate major in Immersive Media Design, and more.

The September 2020 issue features articles on sexism in science, fighting Alzheimer's Disease and lung cancer with big data, developing computational models to better understand political decisions, and more.

The August 2020 issue features Rita Colwell's riveting memoir, our powerhouse cybersecurity community, two new appointments, and more.

The July 2020 issue features five faculty promotions, social distancing robots, smart home security research, and more.

The June 2020 issue features three awards from NSF to improve the national response to COVID-19, a novel web application to track the virus, and more.

The May 2020 issue features two videos, a $10M NSF award to thwart disease outbreaks, Abhinav Shrivastava's $2.5M award from DARPA, a story on how faculty are adapting to researching activities during the COVID-19 crisis, and more.

The April 2020 issue features DARPA's $3.1 million machine learning award, Forbes' story on socially intelligent robots, three awards from NSF, and more.

The March 2020 issue features Soheil Feizi's NSF award, weather forecasting in virtual reality, the Maryland Center for Women in Computing, and more.

The February 2020 issue features a $2.6M grant from NIH, the new MC2 director, a conference on the future of quantum, and more.


The December 2019 issue features two $1M grants, two IEEE faculty awards, the Maryland Center for Women in Computing, and more.

The November 2019 issue features Pratap Tokekar’s work in robotics, Furong Huang’s research in machine learning, Ben Shneiderman’s and Amitabh Varshney’s IEEE Vis Academy induction, and more.

The October 2019 issue features our quantum postdoctoral research fellows, Huashui Peng’s work in 3D modeling, our final Rising Star in Machine Learning speaker, and more.

The September 2019 issue features Four Strings Around the [Virtual] World, Ge Gao’s and Marine Carpuat’s award to advance smart machine translation systems, a story about our second-to-none Help Desk, and more.