Performance measurement using low perturbation and high precision hardware assists

TitlePerformance measurement using low perturbation and high precision hardware assists
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsMink A, Salamon W, Hollingsworth J, Arunachalam R
Conference Name, The 19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 1998. Proceedings
Date Published1998/12/02/4
ISBN Number0-8186-9212-X
KeywordsClocks, Computerized monitoring, Counting circuits, Debugging, Hardware, hardware performance monitor, high precision hardware assists, low perturbation, measurement, MPI message passing library, MultiKron hardware performance monitor, MultiKron PCI, NIST, online performance monitoring tools, Paradyn parallel performance measurement tools, PCI bus slot, performance bug, performance evaluation, performance measurement, program debugging, program testing, real-time systems, Runtime, Timing

We present the design and implementation of MultiKron PCI, a hardware performance monitor that can be plugged into any computer with a free PCI bus slot. The monitor provides a series of high-resolution timers, and the ability to monitor the utilization of the PCI bus. We also demonstrate how the monitor can be integrated with online performance monitoring tools such as the Paradyn parallel performance measurement tools to improve the overhead of key timer operations by a factor of 25. In addition, we present a series of case studies using the MultiKron hardware performance monitor to measure and tune high-performance parallel completing applications. By using the monitor, we were able to find and correct a performance bug in a popular implementation of the MPI message passing library that caused some communication primitives to run at one half their potential speed