Exploratory active vision: theory

TitleExploratory active vision: theory
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsHerve J-Y, Aloimonos Y
Conference NameProceedings of 1992 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1992
Date Published1992/06/15/18
ISBN Number0-8186-2855-3
Keywordsactive observer, Active shape model, active vision, Automation, autonomous robot, CAMERAS, Computer science, Computer vision, depth information, Laboratories, Layout, Mobile robots, Motion analysis, optical flow, Robots, shape from shading, shape from texture, shape from x modules, trajectory module, Visual system

An active approach to the integration of shape from x modules-here shape from shading and shape from texture-is proposed. The question of what constitutes a good motion for the active observer is addressed. Generally, the role of the visual system is to provide depth information to an autonomous robot; a trajectory module will then interpret it to determine a motion for the robot, which in turn will affect the visual information received. It is suggested that the motion can also be chosen so as to improve the performance of the visual system