University of Maryland Partnership with the LTS (2004-2005)

The University of Maryland, through UMIACS, has established a partnership with the Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences (LTS) based on collaborative research programs covering a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied research in the design, performance, and the management of distributed heterogeneous networks. In addition, this partnership involves strong outreach activities including collaboration with industrial partners and the organization of focused workshops and seminar series in emerging technology areas in telecommunications sciences. The UMD Principal Investigator is Prof. Joseph JaJa (UMIACS and ECE) with faculty participating from the following units: UMIACS, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Science, the Business School, Institute for Systems Research, and the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department at UMBC.

Spring 2005: Progress Review Presentations

January 2005: Progress Report

October 2004: Progress Report

June 2004: UMIACS/LTS Annual Review Presentations

January 2004: Progress Report

LTS/UMIACS Projects and Faculty Involved:

UMIACS/LTS Seminar Series (2004):

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