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Liao H, Osada M, Shneiderman B.  1998.  Browsing Unix Directories With Dynamic Queries: An Evaluation of Three Information Display Techniques. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Ellis J, Tran C, Ryoo J, Shneiderman B.  1998.  Buttons vs. menus: An exploratory study of pull-down menu selection as compared to button bars. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Perlis D, Purang K.  1998.  Conversational Adequacy: Mistakes are the Essence. UMIACS-TR-96-41
Miller M, Perlis D, Purang K.  1998.  Defaults Denied. UMIACS-TR-96-61
Carr D, Plaisant C, Hasegawa H.  1998.  The Design of a Telepathology Workstation: Exploring Remote Images. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Shneiderman B, Plaisant C, Botafogo R, Hopkins D, Weiland W.  1998.  Designing to facilitate browsing: A look back at the Hyperties workstation browser. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department, University of Maryland.
Boman EC, Griffen MF, Stewart G.W.  1998.  Direction of Arrival and the Rank-Revealing URV Decomposition. UMIACS-TR-91-166
Plaisant C, Rose A.  1998.  Exploring LifeLines to Visualize Patient Records. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Tanin E, Lotem A, Haddadin I, Shneiderman B, Plaisant C, Slaughter L.  1998.  Facilitating Network Data Exploration with Query Previews: A Study of User Performance and Preference. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Regli WC, Gupta SK, Nau DS.  1998.  Feature Recognition for Interactive Applications: Exploiting Distributed Resources. UMIACS-TR-94-126.1
Stewart G.W.  1998.  Gaussian Elimination, Perturbation Theory and Markov Chains. UMIACS-TR-92-23
Stewart G.W.  1998.  Implementing an Algorithm for Solving Block Hessenberg Systems. UMIACS-TR-94-70
Faloutsos C, Lee R, Plaisant C, Shneiderman B.  1998.  Incorporating String Search in a Hypertext System:User Interface and Signature File Design Issues. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Stewart G.W.  1998.  Incremental Condition Calculation and Column Selection. UMIACS-TR-90-87
Stewart G.W.  1998.  On an Inexpensive Triangular Approximation to the Singular Value Decomposition. UMIACS-TR-97-75
Schroeder E, Stewart G.W.  1998.  On Infinitely Many Algorithms for Solving Equations. UMIACS-TR-92-121
Jog N, Shneiderman B.  1998.  Interactive Smooth Zoomming in a Starfield Information Visualization. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Rose A, Ellis J, Plaisant C, Greene S.  1998.  Life cycle of user interface techniques: The DJJ information system design Process. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Berkovich E, Jacob B, Nuzman J, Vishkin U.  1998.  Looking to Parallel Algorithms for ILP and Decentralization. CS-TR-3921
Khuller S, Raghavachari B, Young N.  1998.  Low Degree Spanning Trees of Small Weight. UMIACS-TR-94-1
Mount D, Silverman R.  1998.  Minimum Enclosures with Specified Angles. CS-TR-3219
Acharya T, JaJa JF.  1998.  An On-line Variable Length Binary Encoding. UMIACS-TR-95-39
Bader DA, JaJa JF.  1998.  Parallel Algorithms for Image Histogramming and Connected Components with an Experimental Study. UMIACS-TR-94-133
Helman DR, Bader DA, JaJa JF.  1998.  A Parallel Sorting Algorithm With an Experimental Study. UMIACS-TR-95-102
Stewart G.W.  1998.  On the Perturbation of LU, Cholesky, and QR Factorizations. UMIACS-TR-92-24