Using Stereo Matching for 2-D Face Recognition Across Pose

TitleUsing Stereo Matching for 2-D Face Recognition Across Pose
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCastillo CD, Jacobs DW
Conference NameComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2007. CVPR '07. IEEE Conference on
Date Published2007/06//
Keywords2D, estimation;stereo, Face, gallery, image, image;2D, image;dynamic, matching;dynamic, matching;pose, processing;, programming;face, programming;pose, query, recognition;2D, recognition;image, variation;stereo

We propose using stereo matching for 2-D face recognition across pose. We match one 2-D query image to one 2-D gallery image without performing 3-D reconstruction. Then the cost of this matching is used to evaluate the similarity of the two images. We show that this cost is robust to pose variations. To illustrate this idea we built a face recognition system on top of a dynamic programming stereo matching algorithm. The method works well even when the epipolar lines we use do not exactly fit the viewpoints. We have tested our approach on the PIE dataset. In all the experiments, our method demonstrates effective performance compared with other algorithms.