Umd/bbn at mse2005

TitleUmd/bbn at mse2005
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsZajic D, Dorr BJ, Jimmy Lin, Schwartz R
JournalProceedings of the MSE2005 track of the Association for Computational Linguistics Workshop on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation Meatures for MT and/or Summarization, Ann Arbor, MI
Date Published2005///

We implemented an initial applicationof a sentence-trimming approach (Trim-
mer) to the problem of multi-document
summarization in the MSE2005 task.
Sentence trimming was incorporated
into a feature-based summarization sys-
tem, called Multi-Document Trimmer
(MDT), by using sentence trimming as
both a pre-processing stage and a fea-
ture for sentence ranking. We demon-
strate that we were able to port Trimmer
easily to this new problem, although the
impact of sentence trimming was min-
imal compared to other features used in
the system. The performance of our sys-
tem in the official MSE2005 task was
around the middle of the pack (16 out of
27). After some minor bug fixes and a
simple correction (dateline removal) we
obtained an improvement on a post-hoc
run on the test data.