Tool supported detection and judgment of nonconformance in process execution

TitleTool supported detection and judgment of nonconformance in process execution
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsZazworka N, Basili VR, Shull F
Conference NameEmpirical Software Engineering and Measurement, 2009. ESEM 2009. 3rd International Symposium on
Date Published2009/10//
Keywordsaerospace, community;tool, cycle;software, detection;software, development, domain;large-scale, engineering, execution;process, life, management;software, nonconformance, project;nonfunctional, requirement;process, software, supported, tools;

In the past decades the software engineering community has proposed a large collection of software development life cycles, models, and processes. The goal of a major set of these processes is to assure that the product is finished within time and budget, and that a predefined set of functional and nonfunctional requirements (e.g. quality goals) are satisfied at delivery time. Based upon the assumption that there is a real relationship between the process applied and the characteristics of the product developed from that process, we developed a tool supported approach that uses process nonconformance detection to identify potential risks in achieving the required process characteristics. In this paper we present the approach and a feasibility study that demonstrates its use on a large-scale software development project in the aerospace domain. We demonstrate that our approach, in addition to meeting the criteria above, can be applied to a real system of reasonable size; can represent a useful and adequate set of rules of relevance in such an environment; and can detect relevant examples of process nonconformance that provide useful insight to the project manager.