System and Method for Spatio-Temporal-Context Aware Interaction of Users ...

TitleSystem and Method for Spatio-Temporal-Context Aware Interaction of Users ...
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAgrawala AK, Varshney A, Almazan CB
Secondary Authorsof Maryland U
Patent Version Number12/267,921
Date Published2009/05/14/

A multifunctional interaction system which is capable of spatio-temporal context localization of users and of communication of audio/video streams to an entity of interest defined by the user, includes a communication domain supporting a predefined localization service, a server associated with the communication domain, client devices, and a dynamically changing context database which is customized in accord with the dynamics of interaction sessions of client devices with the server. The client communicates with the system to either request services therefrom or to send a message to the entity of interest. The system is provided with a panic alert mechanism which, upon actuation, transmits an audio/video data stream along with the client location tag, time stamp, and client ID, to a police precinct for prompt action.