System and method for fast illumination-invariant background subtraction ...

TitleSystem and method for fast illumination-invariant background subtraction ...
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLim S-N, Mittal A, Davis LS
Secondary AuthorsSiemens Corporate Research I.
Patent Version Number11/282,513
Date Published2009/03/31/

A method for eliminating errors in foreground object detection in digitized images comprises providing a reference camera and a secondary camera, vertically aligning each said camera with a baseline that is approximately perpendicular to a ground plane, wherein said reference camera is placed lower than said secondary camera, selecting a foreground pixel in a reference view of a first point in a foreground object, finding a conjugate pixel of the foreground pixel in a secondary view, using the foreground and conjugate pixels to determine an image base pixel of a base point in the reference view, wherein said base point is a point on the ground plane below the first point, and using the foreground and image base pixels to find a location where the ground plane is first visible.