Space efficient 3-D model indexing

TitleSpace efficient 3-D model indexing
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsJacobs DW
Conference NameComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1992. Proceedings CVPR '92., 1992 IEEE Computer Society Conference on
Date Published1992/06//
Keywords3-D, error;table, features;sensing, indexing;3-D, lookup;, lookup;image, model, point, processing;table

It is shown that the set of 2-D images produced by a group of 3-D point features of a rigid model can be optimally represented with two lines in two high-dimensional spaces. This result is used to match images and model groups by table lookup. The table is efficiently built and accessed through analytic methods that account for the effect of sensing error. In real images, it reduces the set of potential matches by a factor of several thousand. This representation of a model's images is used to analyze two other approaches to recognition. It is determined when invariants exist in several domains, and it is shown that there is an infinite set of qualitatively similar nonaccidental properties