Software engineering technology infusion within NASA

TitleSoftware engineering technology infusion within NASA
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsZelkowitz MV
JournalEngineering Management, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination250 - 261
Date Published1996/08//
ISBN Number0018-9391
Keywordsand, computing;aerospace, development, development;aerospace, disciplines;government;industry;software, engineering, industry;research, infusion;technology, management;software, management;technology, MODELS, NASA;engineering, technologies;technology, transfer, transfer;

Abstract technology transfer is of crucial concern to both government and industry today. In this paper, several software engineering technologies used within NASA are studied, and the mechanisms, schedules, and efforts at transferring these technologies are investigated. The goals of this study are: (1) to understand the difference between technology transfer (the adoption of a new method by large segments of an industry) as an industrywide phenomenon and the adoption of a new technology by an individual organization (called technology infusion); and (2) to see if software engineering technology transfer differs from other engineering disciplines. While there is great interest today in developing technology transfer models for industry, it is the technology infusion process that actually causes changes in the current state of the practice