Smart task-driven video collection

TitleSmart task-driven video collection
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLim S-N, Mittal A, Davis LS
Secondary AuthorsCorporation S
Patent Version Number11/649,393
Date Published2011/06/14/

A multi-camera system that collects images and videos of moving objects in dynamic and crowded scenes, subject to task constraints is disclosed. The system constructs “task visibility intervals” comprising information about what can be sensed in future time intervals. Methods for constructing these intervals applying prediction of future object motion and including consideration of factors such as object occlusion and camera control parameters are also disclosed. Using a plane-sweep algorithm, these atomic intervals can be combined in a method to form multi-task intervals, during which a single camera can collect videos suitable for multiple tasks simultaneously. Methods for fast camera scheduling that yield solutions within a small constant factor of an optimal solution are also disclosed.