Smale-like decomposition and forman theory for discrete scalar fields

TitleSmale-like decomposition and forman theory for discrete scalar fields
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsČomić L, Mesmoudi M, De Floriani L
Conference NameDiscrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
Date Published2011///

Forman theory, which is a discrete alternative for cell complexes to the well-known Morse theory, is currently finding several applications in areas where the data to be handled are discrete, such as image processing and computer graphics. Here, we show that a discrete scalar field f, defined on the vertices of a triangulated multidimensional domain Σ, and its gradient vector field Grad f through the Smale-like decomposition of f [6], are both the restriction of a Forman function F and its gradient field Grad F that extends f over all the simplexes of Σ. We present an algorithm that gives an explicit construction of such an extension. Hence, the scalar field f inherits the properties of Forman gradient vector fields and functions from field Grad F and function F.