Signal Processing for Biometric Systems [DSP Forum]

TitleSignal Processing for Biometric Systems [DSP Forum]
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJain AK, Chellappa R, Draper SC, Memon N, Phillips PJ, Vetro A
JournalSignal Processing Magazine, IEEE
Pagination146 - 152
Date Published2007/11//
ISBN Number1053-5888
Keywords(access, biometric, control);security;signal, forum;signal, magazine, PROCESSING, processing;, security;biometric, standardization;fusion, systems, technique;multibiometric, technique;signal, technology;biometrics

This IEEE signal processing magazine (SPM) forum discuses signal processing applications, technologies, requirements, and standardization of biometric systems. The forum members bring their expert insights into issues such as biometric security, privacy, and multibiometric and fusion techniques. The invited forum members are Prof. Anil K. Jain of Michigan State University, Prof. Rama Chellappa of the University of Maryland, Dr. Stark C. Draper of theUniversity of Wisconsin in Madison, Prof. Nasir Memon of Polytechnic University, and Dr. P. Jonathon Phillips of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The moderator of the forum is Dr. Anthony Vetro of Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, and associate editor of SPM.