Segmenting independently moving, noisy points

TitleSegmenting independently moving, noisy points
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsJacobs DW, Chennubhotla C
Conference NameMotion of Non-Rigid and Articulated Objects, 1994., Proceedings of the 1994 IEEE Workshop on
Date Published1994/11//
Keywords3D, common, consistent, estimation;, features;, image, independently, linear, MOTION, motion;, moving, noisy, point, points;, programming;, real, segmentation;, sequence;, sequences;, video

There has been much work on using point features tracked through a video sequence to determine structure and motion. In many situations, to use this work, we must first isolate subsets of points that share a common motion. This is hard because we must distinguish between independent motions and apparent deviations from a single motion due to noise. We propose several methods of searching for point-sets with consistent 3D motions. We analyze the potential sensitivity of each method for detecting independent motions, and experiment with each method on a real image sequence