Searching recorded speech based on the temporal extent of topic labels

TitleSearching recorded speech based on the temporal extent of topic labels
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsOard D, Leuski A
Conference NameAAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Multimedia Knowledge Management
Date Published2003///

Recorded speech poses unusual challenges for the de- sign of interactive end-user search systems. Automatic speech recognition is sufficiently accurate to support the automated components of interactive search sys- tems in some applications, but finding useful recordings among those nominated by the system can be difficult because listening to audio is time consuming and be- cause recognition errors and speech disfluencies make it difficult to mitigate that effect by skimming automatic transcripts. Support for rapid browsing based on su- pervised learning for automatic classification has shown promise, however, and a segment-then-label framework has emerged as the dominant paradigm for applying that technique to news broadcasts. This paper argues for a more general framework, which we call an activation matrix, that provides a flexible representation for the mapping between labels and time. Three approaches to the generation of activation matrices are briefly de- scribed, with the main focus of the paper then being the use of activation matrices to support search and selec- tion in interactive systems.