Scheduling multiple data visualization query workloads on a shared memory machine

TitleScheduling multiple data visualization query workloads on a shared memory machine
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAndrade H, Kurc T, Sussman A, Saltz J
Conference NameParallel and Distributed Processing Symposium., Proceedings International, IPDPS 2002, Abstracts and CD-ROM
Date Published2002///
ISBN Number0-7695-1573-8
KeywordsAtomic force microscopy, Biomedical informatics, Computer science, Data analysis, data visualisation, Data visualization, datasets, deductive databases, digitized microscopy image browsing, directed graph, directed graphs, dynamic query scheduling model, Educational institutions, high workloads, image database, limited resources, multiple data visualization query workloads, multiple query optimization, performance, priority queue, Processor scheduling, Query processing, query ranking, Relational databases, scheduling, shared memory machine, shared memory systems, Virtual Microscope, visual databases

Query scheduling plays an important role when systems are faced with limited resources and high workloads. It becomes even more relevant for servers applying multiple query optimization techniques to batches of queries, in which portions of datasets as well as intermediate results are maintained in memory to speed up query evaluation. We present a dynamic query scheduling model based on a priority queue implementation using a directed graph and a strategy for ranking queries. We examine the relative performance of several ranking strategies on a shared-memory machine using two different versions of an application, called the Virtual Microscope, for browsing digitized microscopy images