Relationships between Test Suites, Faults, and Fault Detection in GUI Testing

TitleRelationships between Test Suites, Faults, and Fault Detection in GUI Testing
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStrecker J, Memon AM
Conference NameSoftware Testing, Verification, and Validation, 2008 1st International Conference on
Date Published2008/04//
KeywordsFault detection, fault-related factors, Graphical user interfaces, GUI testing, program testing, software-testing, test suites, test-suite-related factors

Software-testing researchers have long sought recipes for test suites that detect faults well. In the literature, empirical studies of testing techniques abound, yet the ideal technique for detecting the desired kinds of faults in a given situation often remains unclear. This work shows how understanding the context in which testing occurs, in terms of factors likely to influence fault detection, can make evaluations of testing techniques more readily applicable to new situations. We present a methodology for discovering which factors do statistically affect fault detection, and we perform an experiment with a set of test-suite- and fault-related factors in the GUI testing of two fielded, open-source applications. Statement coverage and GUI-event coverage are found to be statistically related to the likelihood of detecting certain kinds of faults.