Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think

TitleReadings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsCard SK, Mackinlay JD, Shneiderman B
PublisherMorgan Kaufmann
ISBN Number9781558605336
KeywordsComputer Graphics, Computers / Computer Engineering, Computers / Computer Graphics, Computers / Computer Graphics / General, Computers / Computer Science, Computers / General, Computers / Information Technology, Computers / Information Theory, Computers / Intelligence (AI) & Semantics, Computers / Social Aspects / Human-Computer Interaction, IMAGE PROCESSING, Information display systems, Information Visualization, Psychology / General, Visualization

This groundbreaking book defines the emerging field of information visualization and offers the first-ever collection of the classic papers of the discipline, with introductions and analytical discussions of each topic and paper. The authors' intention is to present papers that focus on the use of visualization to discover relationships, using interactive graphics to amplify thought. This book is intended for research professionals in academia and industry; new graduate students and professors who want to begin work in this burgeoning field; professionals involved in financial data analysis, statistics, and information design; scientific data managers; and professionals involved in medical, bioinformatics, and other areas.* Full-color reproduction throughout* Author power team - an exciting and timely collaboration between the field's pioneering, most-respected names* The only book on Information Visualization with the depth necessary for use as a text or as a reference for the information professional* Text includes the classic source papers as well as a collection of cutting edge work