Programmer's Manual for XMTC Language, XMTC Compiler and XMT Simulator

TitleProgrammer's Manual for XMTC Language, XMTC Compiler and XMT Simulator
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBalkan AO, Vishkin U
JournalTechnical Reports from UMIACS, UMIACS-TR-2005-45
Date Published2006/06//
KeywordsTechnical Report

Explicit Multi-Threading (XMT) is a computing framework developed at the University of Maryland as part of a PRAM-on-chip vision ( Much in the same way that performance programming of standard computers relies on C language, XMT performance programming is done using an extension of C called XMTC. This manual presents the second generation of XMTCprogramming paradigm. It is intended to be used by an
application programmer, who is new to XMTC. In the first part
of this technical report (UMIACS-TR 2005-45 Part 1 of 2), we
define and describe key concepts, list the limitations and restrictions,
and give examples. The second part (UMIACS-TR
2005-45 Part 2 of 2) is a brief tutorial, and it demonstrates the
basic programming concepts of XMTC language with examples and exercises.