Preserving distributed systems critical properties: a model-driven approach

TitlePreserving distributed systems critical properties: a model-driven approach
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYilmaz C, Memon AM, Porter A, Krishna AS, Schmidt DC, Gokhale A, Natarajan B
JournalSoftware, IEEE
Pagination32 - 40
Date Published2004///
ISBN Number0740-7459
Keywordsconfiguration management, formal verification, Middleware, middleware suite, model-driven approach, persistent software attributes, QoS requirements, Quality assurance, quality of service, quality-of-service, Skoll distributed computing resources, software configuration, Software maintenance, Software quality, software quality assurance process, system dependability

The need for creating predictability in distributed systems is most often specified in terms of quality-of-service (QoS) requirements, which help define the acceptable levels of dependability with which capabilities such as processing capacity, data throughput, or service availability reach users. For longer-term properties such as scalability, maintainability, adaptability, and system security, we can similarly use persistent software attributes (PSAs) to specify how and to what degree such properties must remain intact as a network expands and evolves over time. The Skoll distributed continuous software quality assurance process helps to identify viable system and software configurations for meeting stringent QOS and PSA requirements by coordinating the use of distributed computing resources. The authors tested their process using the large, rapidly evolving ACE+TAO middleware suite.