Plasmonic Systems and Devices Utilizing Surface Plasmon Polariton

TitlePlasmonic Systems and Devices Utilizing Surface Plasmon Polariton
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSmolyaninov II, Vishkin U, Davis CC
Patent Version Number12/697,595
Date Published2010/05/27/

Plasmonic systems and devices that utilize surface plasmon polaritons (or “plasmons”) for inter-chip and/or intra-chip communications are provided. A plasmonic system includes a microchip that has an integrated circuit module and a plasmonic device configured to interface with the integrated circuit module. The plasmonic device includes a first electrode, a second electrode positioned at a non-contact distance from the first electrode, and a tunneling-junction configured to create a plasmon when a potential difference is created between the first electrode and the second electrode.