Photo-based mobile deixis system and related techniques

TitlePhoto-based mobile deixis system and related techniques
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDarrell TJ, Tom Yeh, Tollmar K
Secondary Authorsof Technology M I
Patent Version Number10/762,941
Date Published2011/01/18/

A mobile deixis device includes a camera to capture an image and a wireless handheld device, coupled to the camera and to a wireless network, to communicate the image with existing databases to find similar images. The mobile deixis device further includes a processor, coupled to the device, to process found database records related to similar images and a display to view found database records that include web pages including images. With such an arrangement, users can specify a location of interest by simply pointing a camera-equipped cellular phone at the object of interest and by searching an image database or relevant web resources, users can quickly identify good matches from several close ones to find an object of interest.