Performance Evaluation Tools for Zone Segmentation and Classification (PETS)

TitlePerformance Evaluation Tools for Zone Segmentation and Classification (PETS)
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSeo W, Agrawal M, Doermann D
Conference NameInternational Conference on Pattern Recognition
Date Published2010///

This paper overviews a set of Performance Evaluation ToolS (PETS) for zone segmentation and classification. The tools allow researchers and developers to evaluate, optimize and compare their algorithms by providing a variety of quantitative performance metrics. The evaluation of segmentation quality is based on the pixel-based overlaps between two sets of regions proposed by Randriamasy and Vincent. PETS extends the approach by providing a set of metrics for overlap analysis, RLE and polygonal representation of regions and introduces type-matching to evaluate zone classification. The software is available for research use.