Parameterized modeling and recognition of activities

TitleParameterized modeling and recognition of activities
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsYacoob Y, Black MJ
Conference NameComputer Vision, 1998. Sixth International Conference on
Date Published1998/01//
Keywordsactivities recognition, admissible transformations, articulated object motion, deformable object motion, exemplar activities, image motion parameters, Image sequences, Motion estimation, parameterized modeling, recognition, spatio-temporal variants

A framework for modeling and recognition of temporal activities is proposed. The modeling of sets of exemplar activities is achieved by parameterizing their representation in the form of principal components. Recognition of spatio-temporal variants of modeled activities is achieved by parameterizing the search in the space of admissible transformations that the activities can undergo. Experiments on recognition of articulated and deformable object motion from image motion parameters are presented