The Paradyn parallel performance measurement tool

TitleThe Paradyn parallel performance measurement tool
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMiller BP, Callaghan MD, Cargille JM, Hollingsworth J, Irvin RB, Karavanic KL, Kunchithapadam K, Newhall T
Pagination37 - 46
Date Published1995/11//
ISBN Number0018-9162
KeywordsAerodynamics, Automatic control, automatic instrumentation control, Debugging, dynamic instrumentation, flexible performance information, high level languages, insertion, Instruments, large-scale parallel program, Large-scale systems, measurement, Paradyn parallel performance measurement tool, Parallel machines, parallel programming, Performance Consultant, Programming profession, scalability, software performance evaluation, software tools

Paradyn is a tool for measuring the performance of large-scale parallel programs. Our goal in designing a new performance tool was to provide detailed, flexible performance information without incurring the space (and time) overhead typically associated with trace-based tools. Paradyn achieves this goal by dynamically instrumenting the application and automatically controlling this instrumentation in search of performance problems. Dynamic instrumentation lets us defer insertion until the moment it is needed (and remove it when it is no longer needed); Paradyn's Performance Consultant decides when and where to insert instrumentation