Observations about software development for high end computing

TitleObservations about software development for high end computing
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCarver JC, Hochstein LM, Kendall RP, Nakamura T, Zelkowitz MV, Basili VR, Post DE
JournalCTWatch Quarterly
Pagination33 - 38
Date Published2006///

In this paper, we have summarized our findings from a series of case studies conducted with ten ASC and MP Codes as a series of observations. Due to different environments in which each code is developed, some of the observations are consistent across code teams while others vary across code teams. Overall, we found high consistency among the ASC Codes and the MP Codes. Due to the different environments and foci of these projects, this result is both surprising and positive. In addition, despite the fact that a large majority of the developers on these teams have little or no formal training in software engineering, they have been able to make use of some basic software engineering principles. Further education and motivation could increase the use of these principles and further increase the quality of scientific and engineering software that has already demonstrated its value.Based on the positive results thus far, we have plans to conduct additional case studies to gather more data in support of or in contradiction to the observations presented in this paper. In future case studies, we will strive to investigate codes from additional domains, thereby allowing broader, more inclusive conclusions to be drawn.