Object Classification Using Taxonomies

TitleObject Classification Using Taxonomies
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsTsaparas P, Papadimitriou P, Fuxman AD, Getoor L, Agrawal R
Secondary AuthorsCorporation M
Patent Version Number12/414,065
Date Published2010/07/22/

As provided herein objects from a source catalog, such as a provider's catalog, can be added to a target catalog, such as an enterprise master catalog, in a scalable manner utilizing catalog taxonomies. A baseline classifier determines probabilities for source objects to target catalog classes. Source objects can be assigned to those classes with probabilities that meet a desired threshold and meet a desired rate. A classification cost for target classes can be determined for respective unassigned source objects, which can comprise determining an assignment cost and separation cost for the source objects for respective desired target classes. The separation and assignment costs can be combined to determine the classification cost, and the unassigned source objects can be assigned to those classes having a desired classification cost.