A New Approach of Dynamic Background Modeling for Surveillance Information

TitleA New Approach of Dynamic Background Modeling for Surveillance Information
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGao D, Zhuolin Jiang, Ye M
Conference NameComputer Science and Software Engineering, 2008 International Conference on
Date Published2008/12//
Keywordsapproximate information extraction, binary mask images, disturbance filtering, dynamic background modeling, Feature extraction, filtering theory, Image reconstruction, information frame reconstruction, NOISE, noise filtering, orthogonal nonseparable wavelet transformation, Surveillance, surveillance information, Wavelet transforms

This paper presents a new approach of best background modeling for surveillance information. The approach makes orthogonal non-separable wavelet transformation of information frames used for background modeling, extracts the approximate information to reconstruct information frames, filters out the disturbance, shadow and noise from the reconstructed frames, constructs basic background with the method of binary mask images, uses multi-frame combination of non-uniform noise to filter noise in basic background, applies mutual information to detect the situation of adjacent changes. If the background has a gradual change, weighted superposition of multi background modeling images with time will be applied to update the background. If the background has a major or sudden change, the background will remodel from this frame.