Multimedia Data Hiding

TitleMultimedia Data Hiding
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsM. Wu, Liu B
ISBN Number9780387954264
Keywordscomputer security, Computers / Computer Engineering, Computers / Computer Science, Computers / Database Management / General, Computers / Information Technology, Computers / Information Theory, Computers / Interactive & Multimedia, Computers / Networking / General, Computers / Security / Cryptography, Computers / Security / General, Computers / System Administration / Storage & Retrieval, Data encryption (Computer science), multimedia systems, Technology & Engineering / Electrical, Technology & Engineering / Engineering (General)

With the advances of the digital information revolution and the societal changes they have prompted, it has become critical to facilitate secure management of content usage and delivery across communication networks. Data hiding and digital watermarking are promising new technologies for multimedia information protection and rights management. Multimedia Data Hiding addresses the theory, methods, and design of multimedia data hiding and its application to multimedia rights management, information security, and communication. It offers theoretical and practical aspects, and both design and attack problems. Applications discussed include: annotation, tamper detection, copy/access control, fingerprinting, and ownership protection. Countermeasures for attacks on data hiding are discussed, and a chapter assesses attack problems on digital music protection under a unique competitive environment. Topics and features: * Comprehensive and practical coverage of data hiding for various media types, including binary image, grayscale and color images and video, and audio * Provides unique analysis of problems and solutions, such as data hiding in binary signature and generic binary documents, block concealment attacks, and attacks on audio watermarking * Authoritative discussion and analysis of data hiding and effective countermeasures, supported by concrete application examples * Accessible, well-organized progression from the fundamentals to specific approaches to various data-hiding problems This work offers a state-of-the-art presentation covering theoretical, algorithmic, and design topics for digital content/data security protection, and rights management. It is an essential resource for multimedia security researchers and professionals in electrical engineering, computer science, IT, and digital rights management.