Methods and apparatus for multi-layer data hiding

TitleMethods and apparatus for multi-layer data hiding
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsYu H H, M. Wu, Li X, Gelman AD
Secondary AuthorsMatsushita Electric Industrial Co. L.
Patent Version Number: 09/427,321
Date Published2002/09/24/

A data hiding system and method for providing a method of embedding multiple layers of hidden data into multimedia data. First, a media unit of the multimedia data is evaluated to determine an appropriate embedding procedure. Next during a first embedding pass, a ruling layer of primary hidden data is embedded into the media unit. In another embedding pass, a governing layer of secondary hidden data is embedded on top of the ruling layer. The secondary hidden data provides control information for controlling the primary hidden data and the host data. Control information such as error correction data, synchronization data, decoding data, and authentication data is embedded in the governing layer. Embedding schemes such as base domain and spectrum domain embedding are employed.