Method of designing signaling networks for internet telephony

TitleMethod of designing signaling networks for internet telephony
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAravamudan M, Kumaran K, Ramakrishnan K G, Srinivasan A
Secondary AuthorsInc. L T
Patent Version Number: 09/517,658
Date Published2004/02/03/

A method is disclosed for designing a signaling network of call coordinators (CCs) for internet telephony. The new method can be used to design a CC network of arbitrary size that satisfies, with high probability, limitations on the maximum number of sockets per CC and on the maximum number of hops between an arbitrary pair of switches in the network. According to the disclosed method, the network of CCs is treated initially as a collection of isolated points, one point for each CC. Then, links are added between pairs of CCs, excluding pairs lying within the same switch. The links are added randomly, but with a particular probability p, which may be different for different pairs. Thus, whether a given link is added depends, in effect, upon the outcome of a loaded coin toss in which the probability of a positive outcome is p.