Measuring productivity on high performance computers

TitleMeasuring productivity on high performance computers
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsZelkowitz MV, Basili VR, Asgari S, Hochstein L, Hollingsworth J, Nakamura T
Conference Name11th IEEE International Symposium on Software Metric
Date Published2005///

In the high performance computing domain, the speed ofexecution of a program has typically been the primary
performance metric. But productivity is also of concern to
high performance computing developers. In this paper we
will discuss the problems of defining and measuring
productivity for these machines and we develop a model of
productivity that includes both a performance component
and a component that measures the development time of
the program. We ran several experiments using students in
high performance courses at several universities, and we
report on those results with respect to our model of