MASS: Multiagent Security and Survivability

TitleMASS: Multiagent Security and Survivability
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsV.S. Subrahmanian
JournalMonitoring, Security and Rescue Techniques in Multiagent Systems
Pagination112 - 112
Date Published2004///

Multiagent applications are not likely to be very useful in thereal world if they are unable to ensure the security and survivability of
agents in the multiagent system. In this talk, I will focus on survivabil-
ity of MASs and present a set of architectures that can greatly enhance
survivability of MASs. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages
of the architectures and discuss their impact on scalability of the MAS
applications. The talk reflects joint work with S. Kraus, C. Tas and Y.