Machining feature-based similarity assessment algorithms for prismatic machined parts

TitleMachining feature-based similarity assessment algorithms for prismatic machined parts
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCardone A, Gupta SK, Deshmukh A, Karnik M
JournalComputer-Aided Design
Pagination954 - 972
Date Published2006/09//
ISBN Number0010-4485
KeywordsFeature vector alignment, Machining features, Similarity assessment

This paper presents algorithms for identifying machined parts in a database that are similar to a given query part based on machining features. In this paper we only consider parts that are machined on 3-axis machining centers. We utilize reduced feature vectors consisting of machining feature access directions, feature types, feature volumes, feature dimensional tolerances and feature group cardinality as a basis for assessing shape similarity. We have defined a distance function between two sets of reduced feature vectors to assess the similarity between them from the machining effort point of view. To assess the similarity between the two parts, one set of reduced feature vectors is transformed in space using rigid body transformations with respect to the other set such that the distance between them is minimized. The distance between the two sets of aligned reduced feature vectors is used as a measure of similarity between the two parts. The existing machined parts are rank ordered based on the value of the distance with respect to the query part. The cost of previously machined parts that have a very small distance from the query part can be used as a basis for estimating the cost of machining the new part.