A logic-based approach to data integration

TitleA logic-based approach to data integration
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGrant J, Minker J
JournalTheory Pract. Log. Program.
Pagination323 - 368
Date Published2002/05//
ISBN Number1471-0684
KeywordsClark completion, Data integration, materialized views, query folding, resolution method, stratified databases

An important aspect of data integration involves answering queries using various resources rather than by accessing database relations. The process of transforming a query from the database relations to the resources is often referred to as query folding or answering queries using views, where the views are the resources. We present a uniform approach that includes as special cases much of the previous work on this subject. Our approach is logic-based using resolution. We deal with integrity constraints, negation, and recursion also within this framework.