Live multimedia adaptation through wireless hybrid networks

TitleLive multimedia adaptation through wireless hybrid networks
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKoivisto A, Pietkainen P, Sauvola J, Doermann D
Conference NameMultimedia and Expo, 2000. ICME 2000. 2000 IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2000///
Keywordsadaptation;mobile, adaptation;value-adding, analysis;wireless, annotation;content-recognition;end-to-end, communication;multimedia, communication;real-time, hybrid, information;video, LAN;, multimedia, networks;mobile, Princess;automated, processing;mobile, service;live, service;mobile, streams;real-time, Surveillance, system;terminal, systems;surveillance;wireless, terminals;multiple, video

We present new techniques to intelligently adapt and combine multimedia presentations in real-time, mobile service environments. We present the techniques necessary to perform mobile multimedia processing for multiple video streams with ldquo;value-adding rdquo; information. The adaptation uses video analysis, content-recognition and automated annotation to provide scalable and interactive presentations over hybrid networks to mobile terminals. As a concrete case, we present a mobile surveillance service called Princess, which has several video sources and supports control information, terminal adaptation and end-to-end service