A light-weight process for capturing and evolving defect reduction experience

TitleA light-weight process for capturing and evolving defect reduction experience
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBasili VR, Lindvall M, Shull F
Conference NameEngineering of Complex Computer Systems, 2002. Proceedings. Eighth IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2002/12//
Keywordsbases;experience, CeBASE;NSF, defect, development;software, experience;software, funded, knowledge;software, management;lightweight, management;software, project;decision, projects;software, reduction, reusability;software, reuse;software, support;eWorkshops;experience, tools;, tools;knowledge

Selecting technologies for developing software is a crucial activity in software projects. Defect reduction is an example of an area in which software developers have to decide what technologies to use. CeBASE is a NSF funded project that has the role of improving software development by providing decision support on the selection of techniques and tools. The decision support is based on empirical data organized in experience bases and refined into high-level models. Empirical data is collected through various activities, for example through eWorkshops in which experts discuss important issues, and formalized using the lightweight knowledge dust to knowledge pearl process.