Image Tampering Identification using Blind Deconvolution

TitleImage Tampering Identification using Blind Deconvolution
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSwaminathan A, M. Wu, Liu KJR
Conference NameImage Processing, 2006 IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2006/10//
Keywords(access, approximation;blind, authentication;image, coding;, compression;deconvolution;filtering, control);data, deconvolution;camera;consumer, diagnosis;surveillance;tampering, editing, identification;approximation, images;filter, photography;digital, process;image, softwares;medical, theory;biometrics, theory;image

Digital images have been used in growing number of applications from law enforcement and surveillance, to medical diagnosis and consumer photography. With such widespread popularity and the presence of low-cost image editing softwares, the integrity of image content can no longer be taken for granted. In this paper, we propose a novel technique based on blind deconvolution to verify image authenticity. We consider the direct output images of a camera as authentic, and introduce algorithms to detect further processing such as tampering applied to the image. Our proposed method is based on the observation that many tampering operations can be approximated as a combination of linear and non-linear components. We model the linear part of the tampering process as a filter, and obtain its coefficients using blind deconvolution. These estimated coefficients are then used to identify possible manipulations. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed image authentication technique and compare our results with existing works